“Arrived at the Linehaul office” on AliExpress

Have you ever excitedly tracked the progress of your AliExpress order, only to be met with the puzzling status “Arrived at the linehaul office”?

If you’re like most online shoppers, this vague shipping milestone probably left you wondering what it actually means and how much longer you’ll be waiting for your package.

Well, wonder no more! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the linehaul process and help you decipher what this update signifies for your AliExpress delivery.

What does “Arrival at the linehaul office” mean?

We’ve all been there – you impatiently refresh the tracking page, eager for updates on your order’s journey across the globe, when suddenly it shows “Arrived at the linehaul office.”

It’s a bizarre phrase that seems more suited to the logistics lingo of shipping companies than the average consumer’s vocabulary. But have no fear, this shipping status simply refers to your package reaching a major distribution hub operated by carriers like USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Think of these linehaul offices as the highways of package transportation – they’re the crucial arteries that collect parcels from multiple regional origins and funnel them towards their final destinations.

In logistical terms, “linehaul” means the long-haul transportation of goods over substantial distances using ground, air, or maritime shipping methods between designated transfer points.

These transfer points can be cities, ports, or even warehouses maintained by different carriers along the route. To illustrate with an example, let’s say you ordered a new phone case from a seller on AliExpress.

After your purchase, the package departs from the seller’s location, perhaps a warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

From there, it will likely be transported by ground to an airport or shipping port, where it’s combined with other parcels headed towards a linehaul hub – this first hop generates tracking updates like “Departed facility.”

Upon “Arriving at the linehaul office,” which could be a massive regional sorting center operated by China Post, FedEx, etc., your order is then sorted and consolidated with other long-distance shipments traveling to the same general destination, like the United States.

Tracking may go silent for a while as it crosses continents, only to pick up again with status like “Arrived at a destination transfer airport” once it reaches a linehaul hub closer to your delivery area.

So in summary, “Arrived at the linehaul office” means your AliExpress order has successfully hitched a ride on the long-distance shipping super-highways and is one big step closer to its final stop – your doorstep!

Where is the main shipping office located?

Where is the main shipping office located

One of the trickier aspects of interpreting the “Arrived at linehaul office” status is determining exactly where that linehaul facility is based.

As packages crisscross the globe via maritime, air, and ground transportation, they can pass through numerous linehaul distribution hubs across different countries and regions.

These linehaul offices can be located:

In China:

If this status pops up immediately after your order ships from the seller, chances are the linehaul facility is still within mainland China.

Major hubs include the Beijing Aviation Logistics Hub, Shanghai Pudong Airport, and Guangzhou railway station.

In Transit Countries:

For orders headed to the United States or other western countries, linehaul offices may also be located along common transit routes like South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, or European nations that serve as midway stopover points.

In Destination Country: 

Finally, the linehaul facility could already be within the package’s destination country if you get this notification after previous “Arrived in DestinationCountry” updates.

Major U.S. hubs include the Los Angeles/Indianapolis/Memphis gateways for FedEx, the Worldport air hub in Louisville for UPS, and the USPS’s Network Distribution Centers.

The best way to estimate where your particular linehaul facility is located? Examine the full tracking history for your AliExpress order.

If “Arrived at linehaul office” appears immediately after “Departed sender facility” and hasn’t passed through any other countries, it’s likely still in China.

But if the office arrival comes after already transiting other nations en route, it’s probably a transfer hub in that transit or the destination country.

How long do you have to wait to receive the package

Of course, the biggest question once your order hits the “Arrived at linehaul office” stage is:  when can I finally rip open that package?!

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer, as linehaul shipping through an unknown number of facilities can be unpredictable. You can use the location context clues above to estimate remaining delivery timelines:

If “Arrived at linehaul office” in China

This means your parcel is still at the very start of its long international journey. Even low-cost AliExpress shipping methods like AliExpress Standard Shipping typically require at least 20-60 days for delivery to most western countries after departing China.

The budget-friendly aspect of online shopping on AliExpress often comes at the price of glacial transoceanic shipping speeds. Buckle up and embrace patience!

If in Transit Country

Your order has successfully made it halfway around the world, with just one or more transit checkpoints remaining before arrivng at its final destination country. While faster than if still in China, you’ll likely need to wait roughly 10-30 more days for delivery.

If in Destination Country

The light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight! Once within the carrier’s domestic network, most packages reach their final stop within 7-14 days after clearing customs and linehaul processing.

After waiting months for your parcel to circle the globe, those last couple weeks feel like a sprint to the finish line.

While not the instant gratification we’ve come to expect from prime shipping options like Amazon, seeing “Arrived at linehaul office” means your budget AliExpress buy has at least embarked on its international transit voyage. Small victories!

Linehaul LocationEstimated Remaining Transit Time
China20 – 60 days
Transit Country10 – 30 days
Destination Country7 – 14 days

So be patient – that silly linehaul status is actually your proof that your AliExpress order isn’t stuck in limbo, but diligently passing through the logistics channels to get to you!


Here are concise answers to some frequently asked questions about “Arrived at linehaul office” messages:

What does “Arrived at linehaul office” mean on Aliexpress?

It means your package has been transported to and processed through one of the carrier’s major distribution hubs along the shipping route. These linehaul facilities help sort and consolidate parcels for long-distance transport.

Where is the head office located?

There is no single “head office” – linehaul refers to a network of regional distribution hubs.

The location depends on your specific order’s routing, but common possibilities include China, transit countries, or within the destination country.

An AliExpress package has arrived at a long-distance office: how long will it take to arrive?

  • If in China: Likely 20-60 more days
  • If in transit country: Around 10-30 more days
  • If in destination country: Typically 7-14 more days

Don’t Fret over “Arrived at the Linehaul Office”

While the “Arrived at the linehaul office” status can seem confusing when tracking AliExpress orders, it’s actually welcome news that your long-awaited purchase is still steadily making its way through the global shipping pipeline.

By understanding what linehaul facilities are, where they may be located based on the tracking details, and realistic remaining transit estimates, you can relax knowing your order hasn’t been lost or forgotten.

So embrace the mystery of “Arrived at the linehaul office” – it’s tangible proof that your bargain buy is journeying on, slowly but surely, to its ultimate destination: your front doorstep!

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