What Does “Arrived At Linehaul Office” Mean On Aliexpress

When you order a product on AliExpress and track your shipment, you may see a status update like “Arrived At Linehaul Office.” This notification typically appears after the package leaves its origin country and enters transit.

But what exactly does it mean when your AliExpress parcel arrives at a linehaul office? Let’s take a closer look at why this facility is a vital stop for your package and what happens next.

Why the Linehaul Office is a Vital Stop for Your AliExpress Package

The linehaul office serves as a key consolidation and distribution point for packages travelling long distances to reach their final destinations. It acts as a hub where parcels from across a country or region are gathered for sorting and processing.

For AliExpress shipments coming from China/Hong Kong to the United States, the linehaul office is often located in a major transit country like Singapore, Korea, or Taiwan. At these strategically located facilities, packages are prepared for the international leg of their journey before departing for the destination country.

The linehaul office plays several key roles:

  • Consolidating parcels going to the same area for more efficient transport.
  • Sorting items by final destination.
  • Clearing customs inspections and paperwork.
  • Transferring packages from one carrier to another if needed.

Without stopping at the linehaul station, it would be difficult for packages from different origins to coordinate onward travel and comply with customs regulations. The linehaul office essentially functions as a transportation hub for gathering, processing, and dispatching parcels in bulk.

What Exactly Happens at the Linehaul Office

What Exactly Happens at the Linehaul Office

When your AliExpress package arrives at the linehaul facility, it undergoes several important steps:

  • Unloading: Parcels are unloaded from trucks, planes, or other transportation used for the first leg of travel from their origin.
  • Sorting: Packages are sorted by final destination using automated technology and manual labour.
  • Customs processing: Any customs paperwork is filed and packages undergo customs inspections if required.
  • Consolidation: Parcels heading to the same area are grouped together for easier coordination.
  • Transfer: Items may be handed over to a new carrier or logistics company for the next segment of the journey.
  • Loading: The consolidated batches of packages are loaded onto trucks, planes, or containers for onward transportation.

The time spent at the linehaul office allows all these crucial steps to occur before your AliExpress order continues to you. It is an indispensable part of international shipping logistics.

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Estimating the Timeline After Reaching the Linehaul Facility

How long your AliExpress package will spend at the linehaul office depends on several factors:

  • Shipping method – Faster options like DHL spend less time than regular mail.
  • Backlogs or delays – Staff shortages, weather, holidays can temporarily slow processing.
  • Customs procedures – Some packages may undergo more detailed customs checks.
  • Origin – Goods from some cities/regions may take more time reaching the facility.
  • Destination – Further destinations add more transit time.

While it’s hard to predict precisely, here are some typical time frames after arriving at the linehaul station:

  • Air mail: 7-15 days
  • Ocean shipping: 15-30 days
  • DHL/Fedex: 3-7 days
  • EMS/ePacket: 5-10 days

But there are always exceptions, so focus less on the time spent here. The main thing is that the linehaul scan means your parcel has reached a key transit point and is undergoing essential processing to get it to you.

Red Flags – When You Should Worry About a Delay

Red Flags - When You Should Worry About a Delay

In most cases, some wait after reaching the linehaul facility is normal. But here are some warning signs a shipment might be stuck:

  • It’s been 3-4 weeks with no updates after arriving at the office.
  • The estimated delivery date has long passed.
  • There are no further scans after linehaul for 2+ weeks.

If you encounter any of these issues, it’s time to take action:

  • Contact the seller – They can look into the delay and potentially resend your order.
  • Reach out to AliExpress support – They can investigate the problem or start a claim.
  • Pay for package tracing – This gets more detailed tracking information from the carrier.
  • Ask the carrier for assistance – Track down local contact info to call or email for help.

Persistence usually pays off in getting your stalled delivery moving again.

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Next Steps After Your Package Leaves the Linehaul Office

Once processing at the linehaul facility is complete, what happens next?

  • The parcel will be transported to the local postal network in your country.
  • It then goes through final sorting to reach your city.
  • You’ll see an “Out for Delivery” scan when it is loaded on a truck for delivery.
  • The courier brings the package to your doorstep to complete the journey!

The linehaul scan means your order has gotten over the longest and most complex part of the trip. Once the package leaves the facility, it should make steady progress towards the final delivery. Expect a series of tracking updates as it reaches your country, city, and neighborhood before arriving at its destination.

Getting Your Delivery Back on Track

Getting Your Delivery Back on Track

If your AliExpress order seems stuck in limbo after the linehaul scan, here are some tips to get it moving again:

  • Contact the seller – They may be able to contact the shipping company or even resend your order.
  • Use live chat or email support – The AliExpress platform can also help troubleshoot issues.
  • Request package tracing – Pay the post office or carrier to trace the parcel’s path in detail.
  • Note the carrier and tracking number – This helps identify who is handling transport after linehaul.
  • Search for carrier contact info – Many have local offices you can call or email for assistance.
  • Be patient but persistent – Keep following up until you get clear answers on your parcel’s status.

With some diligence, you can get your “stuck” linehaul shipment back on the road to delivery. Don’t panic, but don’t wait too long before starting to investigate.

Real-World Examples of Linehaul Transit Times

To give you an idea of typical time frames, here are some real-world examples of how long AliExpress packages spent at the linehaul facility:

  • Sandra from Los Angeles reports her ePacket package took 9 days to process through linehaul in Taiwan before being handed to USPS.
  • Mark in Dallas says his air mail order spent 11 days at the linehaul office in Singapore before moving on to the U.S.
  • Alice from Chicago indicates her package was at the linehaul facility in Korea for 2 weeks as it underwent detailed customs inspections.
  • Juan in Miami says his AliExpress order took 16 days to go through linehaul in Hong Kong due to some backlogs.

As you can see, transit times vary based on factors like the carrier, shipping method, customs checks and congestion levels. The linehaul scan is not the end of the road – your package is still making its way closer each day!

Overall, The “Arrived at Linehaul Office” notification means your AliExpress order has reached a key transportation hub for international delivery. It will undergo essential processing here before continuing its journey.

With some patience and tracking diligence, your parcel should resume steady progress after leaving the facility. So take comfort knowing your purchase has made it through the longest leg of its trek and enjoy that anticipation as the final delivery draws nearer.

Why Packages Transit Through a Linehaul Facility

There are several key reasons packages are routed through the linehaul office rather than directly to their destination:

  • Consolidation – Packages from across a country or region can be gathered to transport more efficiently in bulk.
  • Long-Distance Transportation – Linehaul offices are located along major transportation routes ideal for long-haul delivery.
  • Customs Clearance – International packages are processed together through customs for simplicity.
  • Transfer Points – Parcels can move between carriers and shipping modes at the facility.

Without the consolidation and coordination of linehaul hubs, international delivery would be far more fragmented and complex.

Staffing and Automation Inside Linehaul Facilities

Staffing and Automation Inside Linehaul Facilities

A mix of manual labor and automation keeps linehaul facilities running:

  • Unloaders – Workers unload incoming packages from trucks, planes, and containers.
  • Sorters – Packages are manually sorted into batches based on destination.
  • Scanner Operators – Staff scan parcels to register tracking updates.
  • Conveyor Systems – Automated belts route packages for processing steps.
  • Scanners – Optical sensors read package labels and sorting codes.
  • Robotic Arms – Automated grippers hoist and stack parcels.

Both people and machines are crucial to the non-stop activity inside linehaul offices. When everything works in unison, packages transit smoothly.

Other Common Transit Hubs

While linehaul facilities are a major hub, other transit points play key roles too:

  • Local Sorting Centers – Final sorting within destination countries.
  • Airport Facilities – Clearance for air travel and transfers between flights.
  • Maritime Ports – Consolidating ocean freight containers.
  • Border Crossings – Clearing customs for truck or rail transport.
  • Local Delivery Depots – Final staging area before delivery routes.

The journey involves passing through a series of transportation hubs to reach its end. Linehaul is one (but not the only) important stop in this relay.

Troubleshooting If Packages Get Stuck

Troubleshooting If Packages Get Stuck

If your AliExpress order stalls after the linehaul scan, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Contact customer support for both AliExpress and the shipping carrier.
  • Ask the seller to initiate a trace or investigation request.
  • Search for contact info of local postal branches near your address.
  • Look for reference numbers like customs clearance ID or freight tracking.
  • Request the linehaul facility search their system for more scans.
  • Be persistent and escalate the issue until you get clear resolution.

With some diligence, you can get answers on your delayed package’s status and get it moving again.


The “Arrived at Linehaul Office” notification for AliExpress orders means your package has reached an important logistics hub for international delivery. At these facilities, parcels from across a region are consolidated and prepared for long-distance transportation to their final destinations.

Your order will undergo sorting, customs processing, transfers, and other essential handling. Typical timelines at linehaul range from 2 days for express shipping to several weeks for regular mail. Once your package departs the facility, it will resume steady progress towards final delivery to your doorstep.

With some patience after this status update, you can expect your AliExpress order to arrive soon. The linehaul scan is a reassuring milestone showing your purchase has crossed the longest leg of its journey and the last mile is ahead.


What does it mean to arrive at the linehaul office?

If your AliExpress order has the status “Arrived at Line-haul Office” or “Received by Line-haul Office,” it means your package is at a transportation hub, where it will be sorted and delivered to an air, land, or sea shipping carrier. There, it will be loaded onto a truck or plane that will ship it to your country.

What is the meaning of line haul delivery?

In logistics, the term line haul refers to the transport of goods by any means of transport by land, air or water between two specified stations. These stations can be cities, ports or even warehouses. Furthermore, line haul services require defined departure and arrival times.

What does arriving at the facility mean on AliExpress?

If your order from AliExpress has arrived at the destination country region and is at the facility, it means that the package has been successfully delivered to the destination country, and is now being processed at a sorting facility.

What does handed over from linehaul office mean?

It means it is transfered to a company/service provider which will transport/haul it to another location (like airport, warehouse or train cargo station). from there it will be transported further. Line haul usually refers to trains (since railway is a line).

Is AliExpress estimated delivery accurate?

AliExpress provides estimated delivery times for each product based on information from the seller and the shipping method chosen by the buyer. However, these estimated delivery times are not guaranteed and can be affected by factors such as customs delays, weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances.

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