Matt McCusker Wife, Know Who is Matt McCusker?

You know that hilarious dude cracking up comedy clubs all over Philly? The one with the razor-sharp wit and down-to-earth charm? Yep, that’s Matt McCusker!

This born entertainer went from your average corporate bro to a bonafide comedy superstar. And cementing his legend status is his partner in life (and laughs) – the fiercely private yet endlessly supportive Brittany McCusker.

Together, they’re the power couple balancing comedy, careers, and raising an awesome family. But who exactly are the McCuskers, and what’s their wild ride to success been like? Let’s dive into their fascinating story.

What Led McCusker to Comedy?

You might think McCusker was born with a mic in hand, but his journey to comedy glory took an unexpected turn. After graduating from Drexel University with a business degree in 2009, he spent a few years crunching numbers and felt…well, pretty darn uninspired.

That’s when the acting bug bit him hard. At 28, McCusker took a risk and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. And wouldn’t you know it? The dude was a natural! Audiences went nuts for his sharp wit and down-to-earth charm. In 2014, he was even voted Philadelphia’s most funny comedian. Talk about a career glow-up!

How Successful is Matt McCusker?

These days, McCusker is a full-fledged multi-hyphenate talent – comedian, actor, writer, director, YouTuber, you name it. And get this – his hustle has paid off big time with an impressive net worth estimated around $400,000. Not too shabby for a former desk jockey!

Sure, his YouTube channel brings in a nice supplementary income. But it’s McCusker’s entrepreneurial spirit and relentless work ethic that have truly propelled him to success. Whether he’s opening for major comedy tours or filming skits for TV, this guy consistently knocks it out of the park.

Who is Brittany McCusker?

Brittany McCusker

Amidst all the laughter and limelight, there’s one person keeping McCusker grounded – his wife, Brittany. Now, Brittany isn’t just arm candy. She’s a total boss lady serving as a dedicated police officer right here in Philadelphia.

But unlike her hubby, Brittany prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She’s all about keeping her head down and doing the real work that matters most to her – protecting and serving the community.

What is Known About Brittany’s Background?

To be honest, not much is publicly known about Brittany’s background or personal deets. We do know she studied to be a forensic scientist before joining the force. But beyond that? Girl’s got her privacy on lockdown.

No birth date, no family info, no nothing. Brittany is seriously private about that side of her life. And you gotta respect her for keeping those boundaries, right?

How Supportive is Brittany of Matt’s Career?

Even if Brittany shies away from the cameras, she’s McCusker’s biggest cheerleader behind the scenes. She’s constantly promoting his shows on social media like twitter, instagram and rallying friends to get tickets. Heck, McCusker himself has gushed about how supportive and encouraging Brittany is of his career.

It’s that rock-solid partnership that has helped catapult McCusker’s success over the years. When you’ve got a day-one like Brittany in your corner, how could you not kill it?

What is Their Family Life Like?

As much as these two keep their private life under wraps, we do know their fam just got a new addition! In June 2022, McCusker and Brittany welcomed their first child into the world – a baby boy.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve been super discreet about sharing any deets or pics of the little guy. McCusker and Brittany are all about creating a loving, stable environment for their kiddo away from prying eyes.

At the end of the day, they’re just a regular family trying to live their best lives in a crazy world. Comedy stardom and badge aside, being present parents is clearly the role they cherish most.

Relationship Dynamics – Then vs Now

While the McCuskers are total relationship goals today, Matt’s love life wasn’t always a laughing matter. Before tying the knot with Brittany in 2018, he was previously married…and divorced.

Back in 2009, a younger McCusker said “I do” to his first wife. But like so many modern marriages, the spark eventually fizzled out amidst unspecified “irreconcilable differences.” By 2016, they decided to go their separate ways through divorce.

Thankfully, McCusker rebounded and found true partnership bliss with Brittany. Sometimes you have to get the failure out of the way before you meet your meant-to-be, you know?

The Comedic Couple’s Future

Looking ahead, there’s no stopping the McCusker train! Matt continues booking gigs left and right, slaying audiences with his improvisational mastery and quick-witted observations.

Meanwhile, his fiercely private partner stays committed to protecting the streets of Philadelphia. Together, they’re raising their son in a world that celebrates both humor and honor.

At this rate, McCusker’s net worth and overall presence is only going to grow bigger and bigger. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a peak at his family life through a TV show or YouTube series one day? Either way, this is one dynamite couple you’ll want to keep your eyes on!

Behind the Laughs: Matt’s Comedy Inspirations

Part of what makes McCusker’s brand of humor so refreshing is its authenticity. He doesn’t just rattle off recycled jokes – his material is deeply rooted in his own life experiences and observations.

Like any great comedian, McCusker takes heavy inspiration from his heroes and influencers in the game. He’s a self-professed superfan of edgy legends like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, whose boldness in tackling controversial topics resonates with Matt’s own unfiltered perspective.

At the same time, McCusker avidly studies and appreciates the clever, quick-witted wordplay of veterans like Jerry Seinfeld. After all, some of his biggest laughs come from his masterful takes on the quirks and idiosyncrasies of everyday life.

The Secret to Their Lasting Marriage

With divorce rates as high as they are, you’ve gotta wonder – what’s the secret sauce that keeps the McCuskers’ marriage so rock-solid? According to those closest to them, it all comes down to two things: respect and balance.

From the get-go, Matt and Brittany established firm boundaries regarding each other’s careers and personal lives. He wholeheartedly supports her passion for law enforcement, just as she champions his comedic hustle.

But they’re also mindful of maintaining an even work-life balance. Despite Matt’s heavy touring schedule and Brittany’s demanding cop hours, they always make quality family time a top priority. Whether it’s cooking together, going on hikes, or just vegging on the couch, they’ve mastered the art of being fully present.

Giving Back Through Laughter

These days, McCusker’s influence extends far beyond just delivering punchlines. As his profile has grown, he’s made it a mission to use comedy as a force for good in the Philadelphia community.

The dude is constantly organizing benefit shows and donating proceeds to worthwhile local causes and charities. From raising funds for underprivileged schools to supporting first responders, McCusker loves flexing his humor to directly impact people’s lives.

He also frequently does volunteer performances at nursing homes, community centers, and even prisons – because as he says, “Laughter is the cheapest medicine, and it’s my way of giving a momentary escape to those who need it most.”

The Legacy Factor

The Legacy Factor

While McCusker still feels he has countless career milestones ahead of him, he’s already started pondering his long-term legacy and the impact he hopes to leave behind.

More than anything, he wants to be remembered as someone who constantly uplifted the city of Philadelphia through his art and actions. Whether it was cracking up a hometown crowd or raising funds for an important cause, he took immense pride in being a positive force.

Of course, Matt fully intends to pass down his passion for comedy and helping others to the next generation as well. As he and Brittany embark on the journey of raising their son, they hope to instill the same values of resilience, integrity and using your unique talents to make the world a bit brighter.

So while the laughter keeps rolling now, McCusker’s sights are firmly set on crafting an enduring comedic legacy that will keep Philly smiling for years and years to come.


Does Matt McCusker have a special? 

No, Matt McCusker does not have his own comedy special yet.

Where did Matt McCusker go to school?

Matt McCusker attended and graduated from Drexel University with a business degree.

What instrument does Matt McCusker play? 

There is no information about Matt McCusker playing any musical instruments.

What instruments does John McCusker play? 

This question is about a different person named John McCusker, not Matt McCusker.

Does Matt Smith play an instrument? 

This question is about actor Matt Smith, not comedian Matt McCusker.

Final Words

Matt McCusker is the hysterical Philly comedian killing it on stage and screen. This former business bro took a leap into comedy and became a multi-talented star earning some serious dough.

His wife Brittany is a total badass – a fiercely private police officer dedicated to her job and family. Though she avoids the limelight, Brittany is Matt’s ultimate cheerleader and the key to his success.

Together they’re an unstoppable power couple balancing comedy tours, crime-fighting, and raising their adorable son. From overcoming past divorce to giving back through laughter, the McCuskers’ story is one of following your passions while keeping your loved ones first.

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