What Does “Inbound Out Of Customs” Mean? (USPS Tracking Guide)

Are you anxiously awaiting an international delivery and just received a USPS tracking update that says “Inbound out of Customs“?

You’re probably wondering – what exactly does that mean? Is your package on its way to you now? And how much longer until it arrives?

As someone who has dealt with their fair share of international shipping, I’m here to walk you through exactly what this status update means, where your package is in its journey, and what to expect next.

What Does “Inbound out of Customs” Mean?

When you see the “Inbound out of Customs” update on your USPS tracking, it’s actually great news.

This means that your international package has successfully cleared the U.S. customs clearance process and is now fully in the hands of the United States Postal Service.

The customs hurdle has been crossed, and your package is now sitting at a USPS International Service Center (ISC), ready to be sorted and dispatched to a regional facility closer to your delivery address.

Where is My Package When I Receive the “Inbound out of Customs” Alert?

At this stage, your package is still physically located within a USPS International Service Center. It is no longer under the control of U.S.

Customs and Border Protection. The customs process is complete, and USPS now has full possession of the item.

The next steps will involve USPS transporting the package to one of their regional distribution hubs, where it will be sorted and then sent to the local post office that services your delivery address.

How Long Until Delivery After an “Inbound out of Customs” Alert?

If everything goes smoothly with the USPS delivery process, you can typically expect your package to arrive within 3-4 business days after you receive the “Inbound out of Customs” update. Sometimes it can even be sooner than that.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what happens next:

  1. Package is transported from the ISC to a closer USPS regional facility.
  2. It gets sorted and assigned to the post office that covers your delivery location.
  3. The package is then loaded onto a delivery truck and presented to you the following business day.

So with a bit of luck, you should be signing for your international delivery very soon after seeing that “Inbound out of Customs” status.

My Package is Stuck on “Inbound out of Customs”

However, I do have to caution you – sometimes packages can get stuck at that International Service Center for longer than expected.

If your tracking status remains stuck on “Inbound out of Customs” for more than 5 business days, that’s a sign something has gone awry.

Unfortunately, the ISCs can sometimes be real “black holes” where items get lost in the shuffle of the thousands of packages passing through daily. Logistical issues on USPS’s end are often to blame for these delays.

If you find yourself in this frustrating situation, your best course of action is to reach out to USPS customer service to inquire about the holdup.

Be persistent, as getting answers from them about stuck international shipments can be an arduous process.

Final Words

In summary, the “Inbound out of Customs” USPS tracking update is generally great news for those awaiting an international delivery.

It means your package has cleared the all-important customs hurdle and is now in the capable hands of the Postal Service.

Typically, you can expect to receive your item within 3-4 business days after seeing this update – sometimes even faster.

Be prepared for the possibility of delays if the package gets stuck at the ISC for one reason or another.

Keep a close eye on your tracking, and don’t hesitate to contact USPS if the status isn’t updating as expected.

With a bit of patience and persistence, you’ll have that long-awaited international delivery in your hands before you know it!

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