Can I Drop Off USPS at UPS?

Navigating the world of shipping can be a complex maze, with numerous carriers and drop-off locations to choose from. As two of the leading delivery services in the United States, United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) often intersect in the minds of customers. 

With over 30,000 USPS post offices nationwide, the question arises: Can I drop off my USPS packages at a UPS location instead? This article delves into the nuances of this query, exploring the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices to ensure a secure and efficient shipping experience.

Can I Drop Off USPS at UPS, and How?

The general answer is yes – you can leave your USPS package at UPS. Visit your local UPS drop-off location, leave the package, and the USPS courier will collect it. However, the decision ultimately lies with the UPS facility. Some may decline due to space constraints or previous issues with USPS drop-offs. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact the specific UPS location beforehand to confirm their willingness to accept your USPS package.

Will USPS Accept UPS Packages?

Just as you can leave USPS parcels at UPS, you can also drop off UPS packages at your local USPS office or other convenient USPS location. The UPS courier will pick up the mail and parcels intended for UPS and deliver them to the closest UPS facility. However, remember to use appropriate labels, stamps, and ensure the package meets USPS requirements.

Can I Drop Off USPS Returns at UPS?

Can I Drop Off USPS Returns at UPS?

For customers who need to return a USPS package to the sender, UPS locations may offer a convenient drop-off option. If you’ve purchased an item online and need to return it, you can leave the package at a UPS facility. However, be aware that the package won’t be scanned until picked up by USPS, increasing the risk of loss and leaving you without proof of drop-off or tracking information.

Can I Drop Off USPS Boxes at UPS?

UPS facilities can serve as drop-off locations for USPS-labeled boxes, provided they meet USPS size and weight requirements. The combined girth and length should not exceed 130 inches, and the maximum weight should be under 70 pounds. After dropping off at UPS, the USPS courier will transfer the boxes to the nearest USPS office. However, customers should keep in mind that UPS is not obligated to accept packages not intended for their delivery service.

Can I Drop Off Prepaid USPS Packages at UPS?

To drop off a USPS package at UPS, the package must have a USPS shipping label with prepaid postage. Without a prepaid label, UPS cannot apply postage on your behalf. You can either purchase postage online or at the USPS office before dropping off the package at UPS. 

Remember, UPS employees cannot provide USPS services like printing labels or applying postage, so ensure your package is properly labeled and paid for beforehand.

Label USPS Packages Correctly

To ensure your USPS package is properly labeled for drop-off at UPS, include a clear delivery address, a return address, labels for tracking or signature confirmation, prepaid postage, and any additional service labels. Correct labeling minimizes the risk of delays or mishandling and helps provide a smooth transition from the UPS facility to the USPS delivery network.

Can I Drop Off USPS at a UPS Drop Box?

While UPS drop boxes can be a convenient option for leaving your USPS packages, there are some limitations to consider. The package must fit through the slot, with a maximum size of 16″x13″x3″. Postage must be prepaid, and there is no guarantee that the package will be properly transferred to USPS, increasing the risk of loss. If you choose this option, be aware that UPS cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise during the transfer process.

Can You Drop Off USPS at a UPS Access Point?

Can You Drop Off USPS at a UPS Access Point?

UPS Access Point locations are local businesses that serve as package drop-off and pick-up points for UPS customers. While convenient for UPS shipments, these businesses are not obligated to accept packages intended for USPS delivery. Even if they do accept your USPS package, it will be exposed to the same risks as dropping off at a UPS store or drop box, including lack of scanning, tracking, and accountability until the USPS courier collects it.

Will USPS Package Arrive Safely if Dropped at UPS?

When leaving your USPS package at a UPS location, you won’t receive any receipt or proof of drop-off. UPS couriers are not obligated to scan USPS packages, so if something goes missing, you won’t have evidence to support a claim. 

Although UPS is a trustworthy company, the lack of direct USPS handling and scanning increases the risk of loss or damage. If you want to ensure your package’s safe arrival, it’s advisable to use official USPS drop-off points where your shipment will be directly processed and tracked.

Do Packages Go Missing?

It’s not uncommon for USPS packages left at UPS locations to go missing due to the lack of proper documentation and tracking. Without being registered and scanned into the USPS system, packages can easily be misplaced, lost among countless other shipments, or even stolen. The absence of a verifiable chain of custody makes it challenging to trace the package’s whereabouts.

Can You File a Claim About the Lost Package?

If a USPS package dropped off at a UPS location goes missing, neither the United States Postal Service nor United Parcel Service will be able to assist with a claim. Without a receipt or proof of drop-off, there is no evidence that the package ever existed within their respective systems. As a result, customers will not be eligible for compensation from either carrier.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dropping off USPS Packages at UPS?

Convenience of Proximity: Utilizing a nearby UPS location can minimize travel time and effort compared to seeking out a distant USPS facility.Heightened Risk of Loss: Without direct USPS scanning and tracking, packages left at UPS are more susceptible to being misplaced, lost among other shipments, or even stolen, with no verifiable proof of drop-off.
Extended Hours of Accessibility: Many UPS stores operate with longer business hours than traditional post offices, providing flexibility for drop-offs outside of typical USPS operating times.Potential Delivery Delays: The need for USPS packages to be transferred from UPS to USPS could result in extended delivery times compared to direct USPS drop-off, introducing additional processing steps.
Potential Shipping Discounts: Regular UPS customers may qualify for shipping discounts that could extend to USPS packages dropped off at a UPS location, offering cost savings.Lack of Guaranteed Acceptance: Individual UPS locations reserve the right to decline USPS packages, particularly if they have had issues with non-UPS shipments in the past or have space constraints.
Absence of Receipt or Tracking: Customers will not receive a physical receipt or have access to package tracking until their shipment is collected by USPS personnel, leaving a gap in visibility and documentation.

This table format allows for a clear comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using UPS locations for USPS package drop-offs, highlighting the key points customers should consider when weighing this option.

Where Else Can You Drop Off USPS Packages?

While UPS locations offer a convenient drop-off option, they are not the only choice for USPS customers. Other safer and more reliable alternatives include official USPS post offices, blue collection boxes, some USPS-contracted businesses, postal kiosks, and scheduling a carrier pickup. 

These options ensure direct USPS handling, proper scanning, and tracking throughout the delivery process. Customers should explore the various USPS drop-off locations in their area and choose the one that best suits their shipping needs and provides the greatest peace of mind.

US Postal Office

Local US Postal Offices are the most direct and reliable option for dropping off USPS packages. Customers can hand off their shipments directly to USPS staff, access services like purchasing postage and insurance, and benefit from proper package scanning and tracking. Visiting a post office guarantees your package will be securely handled within the USPS network from start to finish.

US Mailbox

USPS blue collection boxes, commonly referred to as mailboxes, provide a convenient 24/7 drop-off option for letters and small packages. These familiar street-side mailboxes ensure your USPS shipment will be collected directly by USPS carriers, minimizing the risk of loss or mishandling. However, customers should be mindful of size and weight limitations to ensure their package meets the guidelines for mailbox drop-off.

USPS Contract Postal Units

USPS Contract Postal Units are non-postal businesses, such as pharmacies or shipping stores, that have partnered with the USPS to provide select postal services. These units may accept USPS packages for drop-off, but customers should contact the specific location beforehand to confirm their eligibility and willingness to participate. 

By utilizing these authorized contract locations, customers can enjoy a level of convenience while still ensuring their package is properly handled within the USPS network.

Postal Kiosks

Postal kiosks, often found in shopping malls or post offices, provide self-service drop-off options for USPS packages. At these kiosks, customers can purchase postage, print labels, and deposit their packages directly. This eliminates the need for waiting in line at the main counter, offering a convenient and efficient drop-off experience while maintaining the security of the USPS system.

Schedule a Pickup

For larger shipments or frequent heavy usage, USPS offers a convenient Package Pickup service that customers can schedule from their homes or businesses. This service allows customers to have their packages collected directly by USPS carriers, eliminating the need for drop-off entirely. Depending on the route and timing, this service may even be free of charge, providing a practical solution for those with regular shipping needs.

Should You Use USPS Insurance?

To protect valuable packages from loss or damage, customers should consider purchasing USPS insurance coverage. USPS insurance can cover up to $5,000 in declared value, with fees based on the shipment’s worth. However, it’s important to note that USPS insurance requires proof of delivery scans, which may not occur if packages are dropped off at non-USPS locations. 

Without direct USPS handling and scanning, customers may find it challenging to file an insurance claim, even if they’ve purchased coverage. Therefore, the safest approach is to use official USPS drop-off points to ensure the package is properly tracked and eligible for insurance protection.

How About Third Party Insurance?

How About Third Party Insurance?

• Higher Coverage Limits:

Third-party shipping insurance providers often offer declared value limits that far exceed the $5,000 cap set by USPS insurance, making them a viable option for shipments of extremely high value.

• Streamlined Claims Process:

Many third-party insurers have simplified and expedited claims processes, allowing for faster resolution and reimbursement in the event of loss or damage.

• International Flexibility:

Third-party insurance policies frequently provide more comprehensive coverage for international shipments, offering protection beyond the boundaries of domestic USPS services.

• Proof of Delivery Requirements:

Similar to USPS insurance, third-party insurers typically require proof of delivery scans as part of the claims process, which may not occur if packages are dropped off at non-USPS locations.

• Research Specific Requirements:

Customers should thoroughly research and review the specific requirements, terms, and conditions of any third-party insurance provider they are considering, as policies and coverage can vary significantly between different carriers and providers.

This bullet point format presents the key advantages and considerations associated with utilizing third-party shipping insurance as an alternative to USPS insurance. It highlights the potential benefits while emphasizing the need for customers to carefully evaluate the specific requirements and policies of any third-party insurer they choose.

How to Find the Nearest USPS Mailbox?

To locate the nearest USPS blue collection box or mailbox for drop-off, customers can utilize the tools provided on the USPS website. Under the “Quick Tools” tab, select “Locate a Post Office” and then choose “Collection Boxes” as the location type. 

Enter your ZIP code or city and state, along with the desired search radius, and the website will provide a list of nearby mailbox locations. Customers can then choose the most convenient option based on proximity and accessibility, ensuring they have a reliable USPS drop-off point within their reach.


The convenience of dropping off USPS packages at UPS locations may seem tempting, but it comes with significant risks that customers must weigh carefully. While some UPS facilities may accept USPS shipments as a courtesy, others may decline due to operational constraints or past issues. 

Even when accepted, the lack of direct USPS scanning and handling can lead to a higher risk of loss, delayed delivery times, and ineligibility for insurance coverage. The safest approach is to prioritize the use of official USPS drop-off points, such as post offices, blue collection boxes, or authorized contract locations, to ensure proper tracking, chain of custody, and protection throughout the delivery process. 

By understanding the potential drawbacks and exploring the range of reliable USPS drop-off options, customers can make informed choices that align with their specific shipping needs and provide the greatest peace of mind.

People Also Ask

Can Ups Take A Usps Package?

Perhaps the title is old news to you but after reading a bunch of conflicting posts online I went to our local UPS drop center in Staples and confirmed that they not only accept USPS packages but they will also give you receipts.

What Happens If You Accidentally Drop Off A Usps Package At Ups?

What if I accidentally drop a USPS package at UPS? If this happens, the package might eventually be transferred to USPS, but expect delays and a lack of tracking updates until it’s scanned by USPS.

Do Usps And Ups Work Together?

UPS Mail Innovations works with the U.S. Postal Service, providing the pick-up, processing and interim transportation of mail. Then, final delivery of your package is made by domestic and international postal services.

Can I Drop Off My Usps Package?

If your package uses stamps and is more than one-half inch thick or weighs more than 10 oz, you must take it to a Post Office counter and give it to the Retail Associate at the counter. If you printed the postage using Click-N-Ship or at a USPS kiosk, you can use any method to drop off your packages.

What Does Usps Do With Ups Packages?

USPS cannot deliver UPS packages. Therefore, this question is irrelevant. However, USPS does offer a service called “Package Intercept” which allows customers to redirect a UPS package to a different address or to hold it for pickup at a USPS location.

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