Brian Piccolo Wife: Explore All About Joy Murrath, Children & Family

Joy Murrath’s life is a testament to love, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Known to many as Joy Piccolo, she captured hearts not just as the wife of Chicago Bears football player Brian Piccolo, but as a beacon of strength in the face of tragedy. This article delves into Joy’s journey, from high school sweetheart to devoted mother and philanthropist.

High School Romance to NFL Dreams

Joy and Brian’s story began like many great love tales – in high school. Joy, a vivacious cheerleader at Central Catholic, caught the eye of Brian, a budding football star. Their connection was instant and undeniable. As Brian’s football career soared, Joy stood by his side, cheering him on from the sidelines to the big leagues.

On December 26, 1964, Joy and Brian tied the knot, their hearts full of dreams and promises. Brian’s career with the Chicago Bears was taking off, and Joy embraced her role as an NFL wife with enthusiasm. The young couple seemed to have it all – love, success, and a bright future ahead.

A Tragic Turn

Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and for Joy and Brian, it came in the form of a devastating diagnosis. At just 26, Brian was diagnosed with embryonal cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of cancer. The news shook their world to its core.

Joy faced the challenge head-on, supporting Brian through grueling treatments and uncertain days. Despite their best efforts and Brian’s fighting spirit, he succumbed to the disease on June 16, 1970. At 27, Joy found herself a widow with three young daughters – Lori, Traci, and Kristi.

Rising from the Ashes

In the wake of Brian’s passing, Joy showcased remarkable resilience. Suddenly a single mother to three girls under the age of six, she poured her energy into creating a stable and loving home. Joy’s strength during this time was nothing short of inspirational.

She ensured her daughters received the best education possible, nurturing their talents and keeping Brian’s memory alive. Joy’s dedication to her children became her driving force, helping her navigate the challenging waters of single parenthood.

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Finding Love Again

Finding Love Again

Three years after Brian’s death, Joy’s heart opened to love once more. In 1973, she married Rick O’Connell, a man who not only embraced Joy but also welcomed her daughters with open arms. Together, they created a beautiful blended family, later welcoming two sons, Mike and Tom O’Connell.

Rick proved to be a loving partner and stepfather, supporting Joy in her ongoing mission to honor Brian’s legacy. Their marriage, now spanning nearly five decades, stands as a testament to the power of second chances and the strength of blended families.

A Private Life in the Public Eye

Despite her connection to a beloved NFL player, Joy has maintained a relatively private life. She’s chosen to focus on her family and philanthropic work rather than seeking the spotlight. This decision speaks volumes about her character and priorities.

Joy’s social media presence is minimal, reflecting her preference for real-world connections over digital fame. Her life serves as a reminder that true fulfillment often comes from the quieter moments shared with loved ones.

Dedication to Cancer Research

One of Joy’s most significant contributions to society is her tireless work with the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Foundation. This organization, born from tragedy, has become a beacon of hope for many affected by cancer.

Under Joy’s guidance, the foundation has raised millions of dollars for cancer research. These funds have supported groundbreaking studies and endowed chairs at prestigious institutions like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute and Rush University Medical Center.

Impact Beyond Numbers

Joy’s work extends beyond fundraising. She’s become a vocal advocate for cancer awareness, using her platform to educate and inspire. Her efforts have touched countless lives, offering support and hope to families facing similar battles.

Through the foundation, Joy has ensured that Brian’s legacy continues to make a positive impact. It’s a beautiful tribute to his memory and a powerful example of turning personal tragedy into a force for good.

Family and Legacy

At the heart of Joy’s world is her family. She’s nurtured a loving home filled with memories of Brian and new joys brought by her expanded family. Joy’s role as a mother to five and grandmother to several has brought her immense happiness.

Her children have grown into accomplished adults, each carrying forward the values of resilience and compassion instilled by their mother. The Piccolo-O’Connell family stands as a living testament to Joy’s unwavering love and dedication.

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Lessons in Resilience

Joy Murrath’s journey offers powerful lessons in resilience and grace. From a young cheerleader to a widowed mother, and now a respected philanthropist, she’s navigated life’s ups and downs with remarkable strength.

Her story reminds us that it’s possible to find light even in the darkest times. Joy’s ability to honor her past while embracing her future serves as an inspiration to all who face adversity.

A Continuing Legacy

Today, Joy continues to be a driving force behind the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Foundation. Her work ensures that Brian’s memory lives on, not just in the hearts of those who knew him, but in the lives of countless individuals benefiting from cancer research advancements.

As she moves forward, Joy remains committed to her family, her philanthropic work, and keeping Brian’s spirit alive. Her journey is a powerful reminder that love, in all its forms, has the power to create lasting change.


What happened to Brian Piccolo’s wife Joy?

Joy remarried in 1973 to Rick O’Connell. She raised her daughters, had two sons, and dedicated herself to cancer research through the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Foundation.

Did Brian Piccolo have children?

Yes, Brian and Joy had three daughters: Lori, Traci, and Kristi. All were born before Brian’s passing in 1970.

What are some interesting facts about Brian Piccolo?

Brian was undrafted but made the Bears team. He roomed with Gale Sayers, breaking the color barrier. His life inspired the movie “Brian’s Song”. He died at 26 from cancer, leaving a lasting legacy in football and medical research.

Who played Mrs Piccolo in Brian’s Song?

In the 1971 version of “Brian’s Song”, Shelley Fabares played Joy Piccolo. In the 2001 remake, Lea Thompson took on the role.

Final Words

Joy Murrath’s story is one of love, loss, and incredible strength. She went from being Brian Piccolo’s high school sweetheart to an NFL wife, only to face tragedy when Brian died of cancer at 26. Left with three young daughters, Joy didn’t let grief define her. She rebuilt her life, finding love again with Rick O’Connell and expanding her family. 

Joy’s real triumph? Turning her pain into purpose through the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Foundation. She’s raised millions for cancer research while keeping a low profile. Joy’s life reminds us that it’s possible to honor the past, embrace the future, and make a difference, all while putting family first.

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