Tracking a package allows you to follow its journey from sender to recipient. By entering a tracking number, you can see its current location and estimated delivery time. Curious about package tracking? Ever wondered what “Departed From Airport of Origin” means? Your package has left its initial airport. When tracking, this status signifies the first step in its journey to your doorstep. Ready to follow its adventure? Departed from the airport of origin indicates your package has left its initial airport. This status update means your parcel has moved beyond its starting point. It’s a positive sign that your package is on its way to its destination.

When a package leaves the airport of origin, it begins its journey to the final destination. This departure marks the transition from the initial sorting and processing stage to the actual transportation phase. Once the package has departed, it’s typically loaded onto a vehicle, such as a plane or truck, depending on the shipping method and distance. As the package travels from the airport of origin, it undergoes various checkpoints and handling procedures.